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Engagement Session Tips + Tricks: What to Wear and Bring

Are you struggling to pick out your engagement photo outfits?! I know how hard (and sometimes stressful) it can be – that’s exactly why I’m giving you inside access to my top tips for the best engagement session possible! Everyone’s got a different style and taste, so feel free to accommodate these tips to your own personal flair, Girl! 😉 

1. Look + Feel Like YOURSELF

Okayyyyy, let’s do the damn thing! I always recommend picking two outfits for your session: a formal-esque outfit and a casual outfit. What that means to you may be different, and that’s okay! But I PROMISE, you can never go wrong with a flowy dress for one of your options. They’re fun and easy to move in! 

OH, and we can’t forget the accessories. Statement jewelry, cute shoes, and/or a fabulous hat are great ways to add detail and a little something “EXTRA” to your outfits. ✨ My biggest piece of advice? Dress the way you usually do, because that’s when you’re going to feel the most comfortable AND the most confident. If that means wearing jeans and a casual top … DO IT! You’re going to rock it best by being the most YOU you can be. 

Plus, I want you to be able to look back at all your photos and fall in love with these precious moments foreverrrrr. (Not regretting an outfit choice!)

2. Stay Comfy

I know you’ve got those jeans that make your butt look AMAZING, but they may also have you holdin’ your breath so you can’t relax and capture that perfect shot. Sure, you might get a few great photos, but it won’t be long before you’re wishing the shoot was over. The shoot should be a memorable and happy time, and by wearing clothes that make you feel most comfortable, you’ll capture tons of GORG photos! 

I’m not suggesting wearing sweats, but I am suggesting something comfortable you can breathe in and something that’s easy to move in. Movement can be so fun in photos, and it happens to be one of my favorite things … give me all the fun spins and flying hair!!! 💛

3. Mind Your Colors

Depending on where we’re shooting, this can make a huge difference in your shoot! If you’re wearing colors that blend into your surroundings, then you and your partner won’t be the center of attention. This is ALL about the two of you after all!

On the other hand, if you’re wearing colors that clash with the surroundings, then … well, you get the picture. 

I always recommend neutral, earthy tones when picking out something to wear for any photoshoot you might be having. But neutral doesn’t necessarily mean gray and beige. Earth toned colors can also include mustard yellow, forest green, navy blue, burnt orange and a ton more! These colors compliment soooo many different skin tones and will really help your sexy faces to pop against any background! 

4. Keep Patterns Simple

Matching is usually everyone’s go-to, but I recommend that your outfits “complement each other” rather than be all matchy-matchy. Tight, low-contrast patterns are your BFF! 

Big chunky patterns can be extremely distracting and take away from the focus … which is your gorgeous little faces! (Those should obviouslyyyy be the center of attention.) After all, these photos are capturing the love you feel for each other!!! 😍

couple standing by tree

Remember that too many patterns can be another distraction, so if one of you is wearing a pattern, the other might want to wear solids … complimenting each other.

Oh, and one more pattern you don’t want to see when you look back on these photos … wrinkles! Pro tip: Iron or steam your clothes before the shoot! It’ll be worth the extra effort … I pinky promise! 

5. Bring Props (Pups Included)

I’m serious … I’ll ALWAYS say yes to bringing along your pup(s)! They make for such fun (and cuddly) props. They also help make you feel more comfortable by giving you something to focus on other than the big ole camera pointing at you. (Although I’d like to say, I do a dang good job at helping you get comfortable in front of the lens regardless. 😉)

The props you bring should help tell your story. If something on Pinterest tells your story, awesome, but if it doesn’t, leave it out. A few ideas could be a blanket to snuggle up in, a guitar, a picnic setup, or some champagne to pop. (This is a special occasion after all!) 🥂

If there’s an item that you both share a connection with or is meaningful in some way, bring it along! Remember, this should feel unique to you both! You’re sharing such a special time! 

Engagement Session Outfit Inspiration

Ready to see it all in action?! Tips are great, but when you can see it put together and visualize what you’re reading is when you can REALLY take things to a whole other level. I know you know what I’m talkin’ about! ✨

Jesse and Mabree’s Fall Engagement Session 

First of all … OOOF! Look at this gorgeous couple! They seriously killed their session – check out the whole thing here!!

Jesse and Mabree are rocking all the tips I’ve mentioned above. Jesse’s got earth-toned patterns while Mabree is wearing solids. By adding her hat and a jean jacket … she’s easily added two accessories that double as props, too, when taken off!

And their background is absolutely stunnnnning! Fall never fails when it comes to a perfect outdoor setting.  

Don’t forget – these engagement sessions are just about the two of you, being as natural and together as possible. So be sure to embody all of it when you’re choosing your engagement session outfits!

Caitlyn and Chase’s Engagement Session 

Remember that tip about the pups?! This is a perf example! The hand-holding, the pup looking pretty freakin’ close into the lens (He’s the king of the side eye!), the whole thing is really just …. *chef’s kiss*. Plus, Scout’s even got accessories with his matching bowtie. (I’m here for it!) 😉

On top of the pup, Caitlyn’s crushed velvet dress is stunning on her, and it compliments Chase’s suit and the cotton in the background PERFECTLY. They’re all truly the stars of the photo. 

Now, you need to check THIS out! 

This is what I’m talkin’ about. This setting really makes this couple the center of attention. All the components compliment each other so dang well!

Taylor and Aaron’s Engagement Session 

BOOM. There’s that champagne from tip #5! Champagne is always such an easy prop to included that screams fun and “Let’s celebrate!”. On top of that, their outfits compliment their skin tones and are simple enough so their outfits don’t steal the show. It’s ALL about the two of them!

It’s the kind of photo that makes you go, “Wow, that’s the cutest thing!”. That’s what we’re all going for, right?!

Cozy In-Home Photoshoot 

How about when you’re the type who wants to capture those everyday moments of your love? Your engagement photo outfits and settings should reflect you, and if being at home does this, then it can absolutely be an option! 

With coffee cups and food as props, it makes the entire engagement shoot feel natural as heck.

Heather and Chris’ In-Home Photoshoot 

This photo melts my heart. Are you kidding me?! Feelings of comfort at home are PERFECT for natural couples’ photos. 

The camera is a great prop, because even though you may not personally know this couple, you can see their story. Even if it’s just a tiny piece of it, ya know?  

Let’s Sum It All Up 

I hope this helps you ease the nerves that may come with planning an engagement photoshoot. SO! Don’t forget…. if you ever need to know what to wear/bring for your shoot, here are my top 5 tips. 

  1. Look and feel yourself!
  2. Stay comfy! 
  3. Mind your colors!
  4. Keep patterns simple!
  5. Bring props (+pups!)!

Happy photo-taking! Annnnnd if you decide you need a 3rd wheel/BFF to take your photos, you know where to find me! 😉