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Hi there! It’s me, Melissa, but you can call me Mel! I’m a worldwide wedding and elopement photographer that specializes in warm + joy filled photos. I’m a Missouri-based girl with an up-to-date passport that has an undying itch for all things travel and visiting new places and a never ending obsession for all things love! I'm obsessed with laughs funnier than the joke, smiling eyes, dimples (… is there anything cuter, though?), and a beautiful love story. I laugh a little too hard, snort a little too often, and cry a little too much at every wedding. (I’m seriously such a sap, y’all.) I live for tall trees, wildflower fields, high mountains, and breathtaking views! (My bags can be packed in minutes! I’m forever that girl down for an adventure!) 

I’m a bubbly girl (with a southern accent) that’s typically walking around with a smile on my face, earbuds popped in listening to a Crime Junkies podcast, and warm, hazelnut coffee in my hand. Your girl is obsessed with golden sunsets, pinot noir, and all types of pizza (never met a slice I didn’t like!). I’m the momma of two little girls, a bonus mom to two kids born before I entered their lives, and the wife to the most selfless, loving man I know. We’re a family of 6...and there's never a dull or quiet moment! Just the way my Jase and I love it! I consider myself overly lucky and abundantly blessed! It’s a beautiful life we get to celebrate together as one big ole family.

Aside from my family, food (Wine qualifies as a food group, right?), and travel, photography is the other part what makes me “me”...it truly fuels my soul, y’all. I’m passionate as heck about capturing beautiful, fun-filled memories! My photography style focuses on capturing the candid and genuine moments that tell your story...all the laughs, precious nose scrunches, and cuddling. Forget the stiff poses and fake, forced smiles! It's all the real, unscripted emotions and moments that speak to me the most; the love, the happiness, the tears, the laughter (especially the laughter)...ALL the beautiful rawness of REAL life and the REAL you! Connecting with my adorable clients, offering a one of a kind experience, and having a blast all while doing it is something I pride myself in as a photographer . 

You know all those little moments when you thought no one was looking. Those moments that you can’t even put into words...because there simply are no words. Those are the moments that make this professional third-wheeler’s heart skip a beat, because I simply cannot get enough! Those are the moments that truly reflect what my work stands for, because it’s those exact moments that you’ll cherish the most tomorrow, in ten years, and in fifty years from now when you're sharing them with your grandchildren. (I promise you!) Those are the moments that tell YOUR story and YOUR legacy. (I’m seriously swooning over your big day already, Girl!) 

I want my clients to be just as excited for me to be capturing their special moments as I am to be there capturing them. (Is it immature of me to be doing a little happy dance already? K. Good!) Let’s capture something beautiful together, create some memories, celebrate this priceless moment in your life, and add to those oh so beautiful laugh lines of yours! I absolutely can’t wait to meet you!

ps...It’s never too early for mimosas! Let’s start celebrating, Darling! It’s going to be beautiful + fun!

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