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Hannah’s Bridal Portraits at White Sparrow Barn | Quinlan, Texas

Hannah’s Bridal Portraits at White Sparrow Barn | Quinlan, Texas

Hannah and I had the BEST time capturing her bridal portraits at White Sparrow Barn, a breathtaking Texas wedding venue! There’s just SOMETHING about capturing the excitement of a bride before the big day that fills my heart with SO much dang joy!! So let’s go through Hannah’s bridals real quick and talk allll about the magic she brought in front of my lens. 😉 

The gown

Let’s start off with the big purchase – the thing most brides spend most of their dough on: her gown!

White Sparrow Barn

Hannah wore a gorgeous, long, and super flowy gown from Lovely Bride in Dallas that was adorned with a bow below the heart-shaped neckline, which could be tied in the front or in the back (LOVE the versatility!)! It was the perfect combo of sweet + elegant … yet still simple and clean. The exposed back + the gown hitting the floor gave me allll kinds of feels. It’s the kind of gown you wear when dancing all night is all that’s on your agenda, ya know?! It was THE perfect dress for Hannah’s big day to make her feel like the queen she is! 

The venue

And I mean come on, this bridal session was a surefire success thanks to the White Sparrow’s simple decor and and all white interior/exterior.😍 Hannah was truly the center of ALL attention with the bright white barn, beautiful natural light, and just her natural GLOW. Capturing those moments you never want to forget is easy when you’re a stunning bride! Plus, with the venue being empty at the start of the day, Hannah was able to bring all sorts of relaxed + excited energy to her session, without worrying about her guests or vendors running in and out. 

bridal photos

And because the venue was empty, we were able to use every aspect of it to its fullest potential! No tables in the way, no bridesmaids running around, no decorations to distract from the angel that was Hannah in that white barn. We were able to create seriously breathtaking photos every step of the way together. Perhaps some of my favorite photos were the ones where she’s standing in the middle of the dance floor just straight lookin’ like CINDERELLA! 

The veil

Aside from the gorgeous bride and the stunningggg Texas wedding venue, Hannah’s veil added an extra ✨sparkle✨to the dynamic of her photos! It brought both a sense of softness and mystery to the entire look, featuring small pearls and a super lightweight, wrinkle-free material that we could play around with. Veils are always a simple yet gorgeous accessory to add an extra layer of beauty to any bridal portrait! 

bridal photos

The accessories

Hannah’s killer bridal look was also accessorized with gorgeous statement earrings that hung down from the sides of her face. Their heart shapes were perfect for the wedding, obviously, and the way they dangled down her neck added SO much to her already stunning outfit! 

White Sparrow Barn

And like I mentioned before, her veil featured an extra piece of elegance: the pearls. Y’all those pearlssss are to die for. It’s almost as if sparkles filled the air and left a lil’ magic lingering everywhere. 😉

Why a bridal session?

Soon, I’m going to have a whole article devoted to bridal sessions! But for now, we’ll talk about why Hannah did a bridal session!

Having bridal photos done is actually a southern wedding tradition! A little extra southern tradition would have you include a large framed portrait of the bride at the wedding reception, but this time at this Texas wedding venue, Hannah and Ty had different plans.

bridal photos

These lovebugs didn’t plan on seeing each other until their eyes met at the altar, so the framed print had to stay hidden until after the wedding ceremony. But if you’re doing a first look, or you don’t care about your love seeing a photo of you, then by all means – hang the dang photo for everyone to see! Their jaws will DROP on the floor 😉

About White Sparrow Barn

White Sparrow Barn is a stunning venue located in Quinlan, Texas, just east of Dallas. Hannah and Ty were going for a modern, rustic wedding venue aaand they found their perfect fit with The White Sparrow. Because the wedding venue had such a clean, simplistic look, all the pops of color they were able to add with the flowers and added elements seriouslyyyy stood out. I love me some colors against a neutral white background!

And with the option to hold the ceremony inside or out (We love a versatile venue with options!) Hannah and Ty said their vows to each other outdoors, surrounded by their friends and family. It was such a stunning day!