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Mabree + Jesse’s Dreamy Fall Engagement Photos | Bernie, MO

These two wanted “alllll the fun” and centered their fall engagement photos around the gorgeous fall foliage + a yummy golden sunset in their backyard!

Mabree + Jesse’s fall engagement photos

Well first of all. . . I’d just like to take a moment and give Mother Nature a big round of applause for her PERFECT and FLAWLESS fall performance – I mean just LOOK at these trees!! A 10/10 from me with these insane reds and glowing light. I mean … I can’t remember the trees ever being so gorgeous and colorful!🥰

posing by tree

Oh, and how about these two cuties?! I’ve never laughed so hard as I did with Mabree and Jesse (no fun was had at all)!

These two wanted to have ALL the fun with their session, and well – as you can tell by their photos, we did juuust that.

posing by tree

We shot their session right in their backyard and centered the shoot around the STUNNING fall foliage + delicious sunset lighting we got that evening. (I couldn’t even handle the way the light came through the trees so dang perfectly!)

posing by tree

And they had even MORE fun by bringing a champagne bottle to use as a prop – champagne pops are THE most perfect way to end an evening!! Plus, they did it while Mabree was riding on Jesse’s shoulders – talk about making the most fun possible out of every single moment with these two!

couple kissing

I LOVE how this session shows that you don’t have to be at an “epic” location to get those perfect photos. We’ll find the location that feels the most like YOU + will allow you to truly be yourselves – and for Mabree and Jesse, that was their backyard! Which turned out to be sooo dreamy and perfect for what they were envisioning.

 (All while listening to their rooster crowing in the background. . . how romantic, right?! 😉 ) 

Their perfect fall engagement photo outfits

Now let’s talk real quick about Mabree & Jesse’s fall engagement photo outfits – because they were PERFECT. They created so much variety in their looks by simply layering their clothes + stripping down as the session went on!

posing by tree

Mabree started off in a denim jacket over a white crop top + tan bralette paired with black jeans, and Jesse wore a neutral-toned flannel with light pants. Dark and light bottoms always look great against each other!

Then, as the evening went on, Mabree took off her simple white tank to show off her super cute lacy bralette under her jacket, and Jesse took off his flannel to show off his cream-colored long-sleeve. (Earth tones will NEVER disappoint!!!) And let’s just talk about all the variety of photos they we were able to shoot with the simple “outfit changes.”

couple standing by tree

The way they layered their outfits just goes to show you don’t need 3-4 separate outfits to create a variety – just layer & strip (especially if it’s colder out, layers are already ideal)!

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