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Why You Need a Second Photographer at Your Wedding

As you’re 15 tabs deep into looking for a wedding photographer, I’m sure you’re hearing a lot about second photographers. But what even IS a second photographer?  And why does everyone say that you need one? 

Long story short, a second photographer means more candids, more pictures, and a more time-efficient day. It’s a better experience for me as a photographer but most importantly, for you guys as a couple! I mean, two is always better than one, right? 

Buttttt let’s break it down for ya so you get all the deets. Here are 5 reasons why you need a second photographer at your wedding!!

second shooter

What Exactly is a Second Photographer?

A second photographer (AKA second shooter!) is another professional photographer who will assist me on the day of your wedding! They provide a fresh set of eyes + a second creative perspective. It’s super helpful to me because it’s an extra set of hands to help out and assist with different tasks that arise throughout the day, like getting detail shots of all your decor throughout your venue! And it’s suuuuper helpful to you because your overall experience is made even BETTER!!

One thing to know is that you hire them for the same amount of time as me, not for part of the day. We’re both there the full day, but I’m still your main photographer! Even though they assist with shooting throughout the day, I’m still the one in charge of editing all your photos. I always choose a photographer who’s experienced, responsible, and shoots with a similar style to me. I’ll still be the one who communicates with you before and after your wedding – they’ll just be there alongside me on the day of!

A second photographer is essentially just there to help me take more photos on the day of! And more wedding photos for you is ALWAYS a win, right??

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5 Reasons You Need a Second Photographer

1. Your Getting Ready Time is Fully Captured

Unless the two of you are getting ready in the same space, it’s pretty difficult for me to shoot both of you getting ready at the same time. Even if you are in the same space, me running back & forth can still result in missing some smaller moments, since I can’t be in 2 places at once! (I WISH!!)

Your last morning as an unmarried person is so special. You’re surrounded by your closest people, enjoying a mimosa while you get pampered by your hair and makeup artist. Everyone’s bubbling with excitement, your fave playlist is on, and the butterflies are REAL before you see your love!

second shooter

If I’m too busy shooting the groomsmen getting ready, I might miss the grandma of the bride coming in for a quick pre-ceremony hug. I might miss your bridesmaids surprising you with a bracelet to wear! I absolutely live for those intimate, sweet, in-between moments – so anything I can do to preserve those for you, I’m gonna do it!!

With a second shooter, I don’t have to try to be in two places at once. The second shooter can go with one partner while I can hang out with the other! That way, every moment and detail is captured for both partners. It minimizes the running back and forth that I do 😉 But most importantly, you get all the details, planned and unplanned, captured. 

second photographer

2. More Angles & Photos in General

With a second shooter, the whole day has much more coverage in general, especially during the ceremony! There’s only so much I can do on my own. I can shoot from the front to catch the tears falling down your face while you say your vows, and my second photographer can shoot from the back, so we can get every angle of the emotion happening!

second photographer

While I’m focused on the two of you exchanging rings, my second shooter might snap a pic of your parents proudly watching you. During your first look, I’ll focus on one partner, while my second shooter focuses on the other. All these perspectives are soooo important to tell the full story of your big day! It helps you two relive your wedding ceremony through different angles and I think that’s just so dang special. 

3. A Fresh Set of Eyes & Creativity 

One of the best parts of having a second shooter with me on your wedding day is that there’s not just one creative brain capturing everything, but two! With their fresh set of eyes and different creative outlook, the way I shoot is absolutely elevated! I love bouncing ideas off of each other, hearing what angle they think is best, or finding new ways to capture what we see. In your wedding gallery, you get the best of me and the best of them!

Plus then I always have someone to gush with about how cute the two of you are together 😉

4. They Can Capture More Candids

I’m a biiiig fan of candids. I think sometimes excessive posing can make people feel uncomfortable, especially if they’re just guests at your wedding! While I’m focusing on your couple’s portraits, my second photographer can capture your guest’s mingling or reception details at your cocktail party.

second shooter

If someone’s at your wedding, they’re super important to you, so I love having my second photographer spend time focusing on candids and genuine moments! Since you don’t typically get a ton of time with your guests, I love having all those “in between moments” of them so you know how much fun they had celebrating you!

5. More Efficiency During Portraits

A huge reason why second photographers are helpful at weddings is the improved efficiency during portraits! If we’re taking family photos, I can photograph while they call out names and get people organized. This teamwork makes everything go by soooo much faster so we can get you two to the reception where you can finally relax!

If the second shooter comes with me during couples portraits, the second shooter helps me by holding your bouquet if we’re shooting without it. They also might smooth down your suit, adjust a stray piece of hair, fluff your dress, or help me carry equipment. 

If you’re ready to get this party started with me + a plus-one second shooter, let’s chat! Tell me your biggest wedding dreams and all the fun details by filling out my contact form. Talk to you soon, darling!