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Ashna + Ian’s Pre-Elopement Session at Sapphire Point Airbnb

Ashna + Ian wanted a cozy pre-elopement-day Airbnb photoshoot, so we did just that!! These were taken the day before Ashna + Ian’s wedding day at Sapphire Point on Lake Dillon in Dillon, CO. Ashna stayed in an AirBnb the night before their wedding. They wanted a cute, relaxed, in-home session together, so that’s exactly what we planned! It was full of cuddles and baking cookies!

Because I know you’re about to ask … the answer is yes. Yes, they really are this cute in person, too.

airbnb photoshoot

AirBnb Photoshoot Inspo: In the Kitchen!

Ashna + Ian dated for 6 years before their wedding so the excitement on the day before was UNREAL. I loved that they had this idea for their pre-elopement shoot – it feels like a little sneak peek into the rest of their lives. 

Ashna was mixing the dough and Ian said, “Gimme some sugar, sugar!” 😉

sapphire point

Dancing in the kitchen and kissing on the counter is alwayyyys a must when I do in-home shoots. 

These two weren’t afraid of gettin’ a little messy and I’m here for it, y’all!!

airbnb photoshoot

If you really want to test your relationship, bake cookies while holding your partner like THIS. This was the funniest thing ever to watch. These two are seriously so stinking cute.

sapphire point

Love is sweet 😉

Brb, gonna go bake some cookies while I finish lookin’ through these pics.

sapphire point

Their Outfits

Their outfit colors were bold and dark, which was PERFECT against the light neutrals of their AirBnb.

Ashna still had fresh henna leftover from her pre-wedding bridal mehndi party which you can read alllll about & see the gorgeous photos from here. 😉

And red is 110% her color. I mean COME ON!!

sapphire point

These two opted for simple, casual outfits for their AirBnb photoshoot, which I thought was perfect. I always say to choose something cozy + comfortable for these types of shoots. I want you to feel confident as heck in front of the camera, and be able to get in a cozy, relaxed mood like you would at home!!

sapphire point

I just hung back and enjoyed myself while these two cuddled on the couch, snuck in a few kisses, and undoubtedly dreamt of the next day. I really like how they took time to be alone before the busyness of the next day!! I’m sure it calmed their nerves and helped them get excited for their happily ever after. I know that I left feeling PUMPED for their wedding!

airbnb photoshoot

Some really, really kind words from Ashna:

“Oh. My. Goddess. Are you kidding me!?! These are the most beautiful photos I have ever seen! Melissa, you truly are the best photographer, hairstylist, coordinator, decorator, and hype girl anyone could ask for! If anyone is debating going with Melissa, I cannot recommend her enough! She was a joy to work with and became a great friend over the days I got to spend with her and Jodi! She truly made magic happen! Thank you so much.”

  • Ashna’s comment on my Insta post got me in tears AGAIN.
sapphire point

Aaaand some more, because she’s just the SWEETEST:

“I knew the photos would be good, but, GEEZ, these are stunning! I didn’t even know we could look this good! Thank you so much Mel for capturing these amazing emotions. If anyone here is considering Melissa, let me just say that she will capture those feeling and emotions and won’t only do portraits. She will make sure you will remember how you FELT in the moment and not just how you looked. Could not have had a better photographer!”

  • Ashna’s comment on another one of my Instagram posts! She’s officially my biggest hype woman. 

Be on the lookout for their wedding blog post comin’ up SOON!!