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Heather + Chris’s Cuddly In-Home Couples Pictures | Los Angeles

Heather + Chris’s Cute In-Home Photography Session

If you’ve ever wondered… Will Mel take pics of me + my boo dancing in the kitchen or cuddling with our cat? I’m here to tell you. . .ummm HECK YES!! Couples portraits can be all that and more.

Actually, I think they SHOULD be all that + more! Whatever makes your eyes crinkle and your heart flutter – I wanna capture it.

couple in kitchen

Heather + Chris requested a cozy in-home session and boyyyyy am I glad they did. This was SUCH a fun session!

The ‘Fits

From Heather’s floral headband to Chris’s hipster glasses, their outfits were perfect for their in-home couples session.

With every wardrobe change, I was honestly blown away by how cute they were!!

couples portraits

And I’m starting to think we should all dress to match the aesthetic of our houses. Actually, scratch that. Let’s all dress to match the aesthetic of Chris + Heather’s house, okay?! Okay.

This woman was killin’ it in her striped jumpsuit, y’all. And judging by the way Chris couldn’t peel his eyes off of her, he knows he snagged someone pretty dang beautiful. 😉

couples portraits

The Sweet Los Angeles Home

I love how we captured not only Chris & Heather’s love for each other, but also the memories they’re making in their home together. From the plants + funky mirrors to the quirky decor + sassy sayings, you can tell they’ve poured sooo much love into their house!!

couples portraits

I love how their personalities just shine through every nook and cranny. And through every hug + kiss, of course. 🙂

We used every part of their house for their couples portraits, because why not?! They smooched in the kitchen….

got messy in the bathtub…

made + drank fresh coffee (YUM)

snuck in a snuggle sesh (or two)

paused for a quick snack

& threw the most adorable one-on-one dance party I’ve ever seen!

couples portraits

Why Book In-Home Couples Portraits?

The Intimacy

Well first of all, the intimacy in an in-home session is unmatched! You can be way way more present with each other than if you were in public. Exhibit A: these bathtub shots 😉

Exhibit B: these pictures in their bedroom. Swooooon.

couple in bed

If you know me, you know I absolutely adore capturing the in-between, typically undocumented moments. The giggles. The stolen glances. The forehead kisses. The ear-splitting grins + laughs turn into snorts.

These intimate moments are where you’re relaxed + your love for each other just oozes out. These are the moments you can look back on + remember why you fell in love in the first place.

couple in bed

I’m particularly obsessed with the shots of Heather + Chris brushing their teeth. These moments are seemingly mundane but I love how special they are. They only happen between you two …  what’s more intimate than that?!

couple in bathroom

More Personalized + Unique

An in-home photography session feels much more “you,” tbh. We get to capture the places you live your life + the things you do the most!!

Some of the most special moments in life are simple, like cuddles on the couch, or enjoying the fresh air on your porch.

And the best part — an in-home photography session is 110% uniquely YOU. You get to include your fave snacks, fave home decor, + your furry friends! 

cat in bathroom

Obviouslyyy I really freaked out when Chris + Heather’s cat popped into these pictures with them. What a freaking cutie! (Let’s just take a moment to talk about that tail!)

If you’re ready to capture the uncomplicated + snap the simple, let’s chat! In-home couple sessions are soooo much fun. I’d love to photograph what makes you authentically, uniquely you.

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