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What’s a Bridal Session + Why You Deserve It: Bridal Pictures Tips!

Wondering what exactly a “bridal session” is? Today I’m guiding you through WHAT a bridal session is + why you deserve gorgeous bridal pictures!! (But I think it goes without saying … to snap solo photos of the queeeen you are.)đź‘‘

bride posing in front of barn

What is a bridal session?

A bridal session is a photo session completely centered around YOU (the bride)! Talk about magical!! You throw on your wedding dress before your wedding day to snap photos wherever you’d like (I’ve got suggestions in just a sec!). Having bridal portraits taken is a personal preference, buuuut let’s chat about why doing so is the BEST  idea!!

bride posing with veil

Why have a separate bridal session?

More photos of yourself + the hair/makeup/dress/etc. you paid a lot for

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime deal, and I don’t know about you, but I’d want ALL the photos I can possibly get in my dress. You’re literally dressed like a goddess on your special day, so take advantage of the opportunity!! Plus … you’ve paid a lot of money on all that goes into your bridal transformation. Soak it allllll up! 🥂

bride with veil smiling

No worrying about bridal pictures during the wedding

Your wedding is one of the most special days in your life (obvi), and the goal is to enjoy every second with your new partner, friends, and family. There are tons of photos to be taken on your wedding day, so how about taking your bridal portraits off that list? Having your bridal pictures done before the wedding saves you those precious moments you don’t want to miss, and it takes away the stress of making sure you get them done before the dance floor opens. Less stress + more photos! Win-Win!!!

bride posing in stairway

Get comfy with your photographer

If you’re not used to being in front of the camera or get camera shy once the camera hits your face, then having a private session is going to be a great icebreaker. None of your guests are watching you and you can get comfortable with your photographer (I’m your new bestie, after all!) ;). You can practice rocking alllll your angles, Girl, and get the perfect snaps before the big day comes around!

bride posing in front of mirror

It can be a hair/makeup trial run

Getting your bridal pictures done before the big day is a fabbb way to test out your hair and makeup with a trail run. If there’s anything you’d like to change – less curls or maybe a lipstick color change – then your makeup artist/hairstylist will be prepared and can make sure you’re looking and feeling your best on your actual wedding day! 

bride with flowers

Location ideas for your bridal session

Sooo … now you wanna know where you should have your bridal session pictures?! Here are some of my fav places to hold bridal sessions. And just a quick wedding photo tip: don’t forget to check availability for your location AND your hair and makeup team! Using the same hair and makeup team for your bridal session & your big day is always a good idea to ensure you’re happy with your results!!

bride posing with veil

Your venue

Your venue is a fantastic option for your bridal sesh because there are no guests or vendors around to distract you!! If you’re like Hannah (pictured below), you can opt to take your photos without all the chairs and setups around ya. Just you and the beauty of your dream venue! (OBSESSED!)

Most venues offer the ability to do an engagement session or some type of photo session in their packages. So using your venue to its highest capacity is always a win!! 

bridal pictures

Your home

Taking photos at your home is another option! If you’re someone who feels comfier taking pictures in your personal surroundings, this could be the right option for you. 

Whether you’ve got a cute garden in the backyard or a cozy nook, we can capture tons of fabulous bridal pictures of you in your natural habitat!

bridal pictures

A nearby park or garden 

Photos in nature are always a hit! Every season has its perks, too! Whether it’s the spring and summer flowers or the fall colors of the trees, they’ll add such a gorgeous pop to your pictures. I guarantee you! ✨

bridal pictures

Depending on your location, there might be botanical gardens nearby to choose from where you can find tonnnns of different flowers. And hey, if you have a favorite flower you want to snap photos with or certain flowers you’ll be including in your wedding bouquet, this is a great way to find those flowers for your bridal sesh, too!

bridal pictures

An indoor studio

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with an indoor studio for your bridal photos. The quietness and privacy of the studio combined with yummyyyy lighting is a fabulous option. Especially if it’s a rainy day & you don’t want to worry about monitoring the weather, getting your dress dirty outdoors, or catching that perfect lighting at juuust the right time of day. A beautiful studio made for photoshoots will have everything you need!!

bridal pictures