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What to Pack for Your Detail Photos: Bridal Earrings, Rings & More!

Wondering what the heck to pack for those “detail photos” your photographer (a.k.a. ME) told you about?! I’ve got you covered in this blog post, from bridal earrings to florals & more! Keep on readin’, Girl!

Why I LOVE bridal details!!

It’s no secret that my love for all things bridal details runs DEEP! I mean, you do spend months and months planning and curating all the little things to make your big day unique and totally “you two,” so all those details deserve to be captured! Am I right, or am I right?

But seriously – you spend so so much time, energy, & MONEY making sure every little detail of your day is perfect. So I always make sure that I prioritize getting amazing detail photos, whether it be a big party wedding or an intimate elopement!! Trust me, I’ve been a bride before so I 1000% understand how painstaking it can be to coordinate details.

white shoes

That’s why in this blog post, I’m giving you a whole packing list of what to include in your detail photos!! Ready for all my best tips + expertise?!

What to include in your details: a “packing list”

Dress & veil👗

This is an obvious one, I know I know! Make sure your dress is already steamed once you start getting ready, and that it’s hanging on a custom or wooden hanger. Trust me, dress photos aren’t *quite* as cute with a plastic hanger that’s barely holding your dress up!!!

girl in white Dress

Invitation suite✉️

Bring every part of the invitation suite you created for your big day! Your save-the-dates/invitations, RSVP’s, and any other stationery you sent out to your guests. 

white letter

These are likely something you spent a good amount of time on to make beautiful, so I always always include them in your detail photos!! Plus, they just help tell the story of the day since they have all the important info + dates on them.

girl with white dress

If possible, bring 2 copies of the whole suite for front AND back shots … plus just in case anything happens to them (we know what can happen if a bottle of champagne accidentally pops off in the wrong direction!!).🍾

ALL of your rings💍

You’ll want to include all of your rings, whether you and your partner each have one or two or however many you’ve got. Include your engagement rings AND wedding bands, and I’ll use them all!!

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And don’t worry – I’ll keep them safe and on me at all times, and will make sure the full set of rings gets to your best man/maid of honor/whoever will be holding them during the ceremony in time!

Bridal bouquet💐

Your flowers are a huge aspect of your day that you PROBS spent a loooot of money on, yeah?! So you bet I’ll be including them in your detail photos!

girl with flowers


Ask your florist to include a few loose flowers/greenery for the flat lays I’ll create for your detail flat lay photos!🍃

Bridal earrings & jewelry💎

Jewelry looks super beautiful in detail photos and helps show off what your bridal look was like on your big day. Include your bridal earrings, a wedding bracelet, that special necklace your mom gave you, etc. . . all the pretty lil’ things and anything that has a special meaning to you or your family!

girl with earring

Bridal accessories

You’ll also want to include any other bridal accessories you’ll be wearing – maybe you’re wearing a garter that’s been in the fam for generations. Or you had a custom bridal flower crown/hair piece made. Whatever it is, include it in your details!!

white shoes


Pack your shoes in your bridal details, and if you’re switching to different shoes for your reception, you can pack those too!

brown shoes


This one might seem insignificant to some, but perfume bottles and lipstick tubes add a lot of beauty to detail flat lays!

pink flowers

Gifts, letters, vow books🎁

If you bought vow books for your wedding day, definitely include those in your detail photos. Or, if you wrote each other letters or gave each other any sort of gift, include those too!!

guy in suit

Bridesmaids dresses/robes💃🏼

Have your bridesmaids bring their dresses (and robes, if they’re wearing any matching ones) to the bridal suite so that we can take pictures of them lined up all prettyyyy! Make sure they’re steamed and ready to go! 😉 


Extra touches

Finally, be sure to include any of the other little things you planned for. Some examples:

  • Custom koozies
  • Ceremony programs
  • Ring boxes/dishes
  • Something old/new/borrowed/blue
  • Polaroids of you two that you’re hanging at the reception
white shoes

And anything else that’s meaningful to you two + tells your story!

A bonus tip🙌🏼

One last pro tip for you: with the exception of your flowers, the dresses, and your veil, your detail items should all easily fit into one box or container!!📦 This makes it SO easy for me, as your photographer, to collect your detail items without sending your bridesmaids on a wild goose chase around the venue 😉 Let your Maid of Honor be in charge of this box so you don’t have to be – you can thank me later, trust me!