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Top 5 Reasons Why a Destination Wedding Might Be the Perfect Choice for You

Would you define yourself as a non-traditional bride? Are you at a loss when it comes to imagining what you want your wedding day to look like?

If this sounds like you, Girl … it mayyyyyy be time to think outside the box and start considering the possibility of a destination wedding! A destination wedding can be such a beautiful and exciting way to make your big day special, (and they’re often easier on the wallet, too). Here are 5 reasons why a destination wedding might be the perfect choice for you!

1. Less Stress

One of the most beautiful aspects of destination weddings (other than the gorgeous destination of course) is how little stress they can bring compared to a large traditional wedding! Since you won’t be near the venue until very near the wedding day, a common practice for destination weddings is to hire a wedding planner. Being able to purchase a wedding package and hand off the responsibilities to your wedding planner is such a relief compared to the hands-on involvement of large wedding planning! Plus a destination wedding means less guests – that means less stress about travel, rooms, and seating for the wedding and reception!

2. Straight to the Honeymoon

Now imagine your wedding day is over, you’ve been talking to guests all day long, the reception ended, and you and your now wife/hubs (Don’t you just love the way that sounds?) are leaving to go on your honeymoon. Maybe you have a late night flight after an already exhausting day, maybe you’re heading to a hotel for the night, only to rush to the airport the next morning. You might be fine with all of that, but now I’m going to paint a different picture for you.

Imagine you arrived at the location for your beautiful destination wedding a few days ago. You spent some time with your close family and friends enjoying an amazing resort, and your wedding was personal and romantic. As the reception ends, you and your spouse fly…nowhere. You’re already at the location for your stunning honeymoon, so now you can simply enjoy some more time in paradise with the love of your life! (Talk about relaxing!)

3. Adventure Is Out There

Do you love adventure and want a small wedding, while at the same time celebrating your special day with your immediate family and closest friends? Done, done, and done! Destination weddings allow you to create lifelong memories with your loved ones not only on your wedding day, but for the entire length of your stay. (Talk about a WIN-WIN! Am I right? Or Am I right?) We’re talking excursions, dinners, and all around relaxation! What’s a better way to celebrate your wedding than a dream vacation?? Hello, Memories!

4. Stunning Photos

You can have beautiful wedding photos no matter where your venue is, but there’s something especially stunning about the photos from destination weddings. Whether on a beach, in a tropical rainforest, or on top of a mountain, destination photos are always unreal! Those epic Pinterest-worthy wedding shots can be yours when you book a stunning destination location!

5. Save Money

This may be hard to believe since you’re essentially going on a beautiful vacation, but destination weddings can actually save you money! Resorts often offer wedding packages that include services like flowers, reception, music, and more, making the overall cost of your wedding much cheaper. Plus, with a more intimate guest list, you’ll need less space and less food, saving you a bunch on ceremony and reception expenses!

There are countless reasons to book yourself a stunning destination wedding, but the number one reason to pull the trigger is simple: because YOU want to! There’s no right or wrong way to plan your wedding, and the most important thing is that your big day reflects who you are as a couple. So try not to get bogged down by the details and focus on what you value most and how you want to celebrate your one of a kind love! You do YOU, Girl!