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Melissa & Luke’s Cuddly In-Home Couples Pictures

Y’all, I love LOVEEEE when my couples choose to have an at-home session. I think it’s such a sweet way to capture this unique season of your life!! Melissa (nice name, babe!) + Luke decided to have a pre-elopement in-home sesh at their house in Winter Park, CO. And lemme tell ya: that was an AMAZING choice!! Take a look at their cuddly couples pictures below!!

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Outfits for Couples Photos 

For cozy photos, you cannotttt go wrong with casual white tees! Especially when the classic white tee gets an upgrade, like Melissa’s criss-crossed crop top. So freaking cute!! The simplicity of their outfits was perfect because the way these two look at each other says soooo much already.

I mentioned this already in their Rocky Mountain Elopement blog (go check that out ASAP 😉 ), but these two have such an effortless love and connection. Melissa’s sweet dimples say it all!!

Aaand the red flannel Melissa threw on was PERF for their cozy photos. If the white tees happen to come off, then so be it! 😉 The intimacy of an at-home shoot is like, half the appeal. You’re free to do whatever you want, babes.

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Makin’ Breakfast Together

I love shooting in this setting because it’s 100% unique to YOU! And isn’t that the whole dang goal?!

You fall in love with a person through the little details that make them unique. The way their eyes crinkle when you tickle them. The way they like their bacon cooked suuuuper crispy. If they like cream and sugar in their coffee. And those are the moments I LIVE for! My job is to capture the love in each and every detail. Something as simple as Saturday breakfast turns into a love story for future generations to experience!!

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Casual Couples Pictures

I’m totallyyy down for these intimate, at-home vibes. These two are both gorgeous and I’m honored to tell their love story! Like, my job is so cool, and working with couples like this is a DREAM COME TRUE.

I’m here for the casual, cozy, romantic aesthetics. These two can’t keep their hands off each other in the best way possible.

When I’m your photographer I’m alwayyys down for whatever you want. I’m here to tell your story and if that means it’s time for a spontaneous make-out sesh, smooch away! 

If you want intimate photos of the two of you, you’re gonna get them!

couples photos

These are the little, in-between moments that really define who you guys are as a couple. The stolen kisses while you dance in your kitchen. The easy breakfast you make every Saturday. Cuddling on the couch in the home you’ve built together.

If you don’t want to do your session at home, but still want those cozy at-home vibes, you can rent an AirBnB like Melissa + Luke did. This was their pre-elopement session, so it was still such a special place to capture these moments for them!!
If you want to see more cute couples pictures, you gotta take a look at Melissa + Luke’s elopement. Their big day was everything I’ve ever wanted and MORE. Every time I look at their pics my heart SWOONS!!