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10 Tips for Those Perfect Getting Ready Photos

Best. Day. Ever. You’re always going to want to remember how excited you were on the morning of your wedding, so be sure to get photos that capture that energy! A lot is going to be happening the morning of your wedding, and the best way to remember the little things is with beautiful getting ready photos. But what’s the key to the perfect getting ready session? Here are 10 tips to guarantee that your getting ready photos will be as special as your wedding day!

Well-Lit Room

Lighting is key for capturing flattering photos, and that means you’re going to want a room with lots of natural light! Choose a room with large windows where sunlight can light up the room without the help of fluorescent lighting. If you don’t already have a room that will work, consider renting an airbnb with lots of natural light for you and your bridesmaids to get ready! Plus, better lighting is going to help your hair and makeup crew too!

Declutter the Space

Any mess or clutter in photos is going to be distracting (and it’s not so pretty, either). Keeping your space clean will keep the attention on you and the emotion of your wedding day! A lot will be happening, so sometimes keeping things clear is easier said than done. Ask everyone to be aware of their own stuff so they don’t leave their things around the space. And keep a clean space to put your dress on with minimal background distractions!

Bridal Details

While you’re busy getting ready, your photographer is going to be taking as many photos as they can. Having your bridal details gathered together and ready to go (including having your dress steamed and hung up), will make it easy for your photographer to get those beautiful detail shots while you get ready! That also means you should hang on to the rings that morning so they can be included in those details!


If you plan to have your flowers arrive at the same time as your photographer, then they can be used in the detail shots! Plus, having the flowers in one place early on is ideal for transitioning into your next photos, whether that’s with the bridesmaids or a first look session.

Hair + Makeup Schedule

Hair and makeup is one of the most common ways that wedding schedules run behind! Plan out your hair and makeup schedule and stick to it! It can be easy to underestimate the time it takes to get your hair and makeup done (especially if the bridesmaids are included), so it’s pretty safe to schedule in one hour for the bride’s hair AND one hour for her makeup. Being done early is always better than running behind, so a little wiggle room is never a bad idea!

Allow Plenty of Time

The last thing you want to be the morning of your wedding is rushed. Allowing for plenty of time for fun candids with your bridesmaids, opening gifts or letters from your partner, and even touching up your makeup (especially if you’re a crier), will make getting ready so much more enjoyable and stress free! 

Getting Ready Outfits

Coordinating getting ready outfits with your bridesmaids is such a fun way to make the morning feel special, and it’s a great opportunity for some adorable photos with your gal pals! Robes are a popular choice, but you could also go for some silky pajamas or other fun outfits. Getting ready outfits also make for beautiful bridal gifts for bridesmaids!


PLEASE don’t forget to eat! Your wedding day is going to be full of activity, and you’re going to get worn out faster than you expect. I promise you’re still going to fit into your dress after you eat breakfast!

Don’t Forget the Guys

The groom and groomsmen will take less time to get ready, but it’s the groom’s wedding day too! Adding a second shooter to capture his getting ready process is a great way to keep the day special for him.

Relax and Enjoy Yourself

So much goes into your wedding, and there are always going to be ups and downs. Things might not go perfectly as planned, but choosing to go with the flow is going to make your wedding so much more enjoyable! Try not to stress about every detail because the most important aspect of your wedding day is that it’s YOUR day! So enjoy it!